“… the student leader and scholars have enjoyed themselves and learnt many useful tips through this workshop from you. These soft skills are certainly beneficial to further groom SP’s ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’.”

May Ling | Student Programmes & Services Manager | Singapore Polytechnic

“It has been a fulfilling experience right after my ROM. I learnt the difference between cool and warm colours. Sherrine taught me how to bring the best out of myself and told me how accessories can change your outfit and make people not so drawn to my ‘big' face when you use them. After the session, I feel more confident and carry myself better than ever! I don't splurge on clothes that do not flatter me anymore. Sherrine is definitely my choice! With her varied experience, I believe she can definitely enhance your beauty!”

Mdm Won | Branch Supervisor | Clarins

“Thank you Sherrine for organizing ‘Wear the Right Accessories’ workshop for the SDS members. The participants enjoyed analysing one another and learning new ways to complement their looks with various accessories. Some of them even commented that the workshop should be longer!”

Hui Tze | Assistant Manager | Social Development Services

“… Thanks for your very professional & enriching session in Vietnam. I have benefited much from it too! You are truly a true life example of your course!”

Samuel | Director | Taisei

“Thank you for all your advice. I’m so glad I’ve gone for the individual consultation & to have you as my instructor!”

Janice IT | analyst

“The knowledge of fine dining is definitely important when I enter into workforce in the future. This lesson has increased my awareness on details that I used to overlook in the past. The trainer is very professional. She conducted the lesson in a very relaxing manner, enhancing my ability to absorb most of the learning materials”

Kelly | Student | NUS Business School

“The trainer was highly knowledgeable about the topic of dining etiquette. Her instructions were clear, with good examples in the form of personal anecdotes to illustrate the importance of having good dining etiquette and a basic knowledge of French dining-related terms. She was able to engage the class well as a result.”

Candice Ho | Student | NUS Business School

“Ms Sherrine Teoh is extremely charismatic and she really suits being an image consultant. Despite not having any break, we were all able to pay continuous attention to her because the content was highly interesting. She taught it in a fun, interactive and humourous way, which made us laugh throughout. Really an enjoyable class!”

Goh Lijie | Student | NUS Business School

“Jamie really enjoyed herself! Thanks for giving her a great experience.”

BH | Mother of teenage individual consultation client

"I have attended other social etiquette classes before but Sherrine is the first who can bring across her teaching points with a good dash of humour and putting her audience at ease. I managed to refresh what I already know and at the same time, learning new tips from Sherrine."

Abner Koh | Tax Manager | KPMG

"Hi Sherrine, I would like to thank you for your time and guidance during these 4 sessions of grooming class. Thank you for your time and effort despite being pregnant. You are walking with so much grace and emitting radiance! Thank you once again and it was a beneficial class and a great pleasure to know you. Cheers."

Jen Wang | ERA Realty Network

“The session was very enjoyable and I would like to come again. I have learnt many new things in just this short two hours. This teacher was also very funny. Even though my mother forced me to come here and I was sure it was not going to be fun, I was proven wrong.”

Slevin Chua | 10 yrs old

“I really enjoyed the session, especially on the last day where we got to eat popcorn. Everytime I am here, time seems to pass by in a flash. That means that I must be really enjoying myself. Hope to see you again!”

Chung Wen Kai | 8 yrs old

“I like the programme because it was fun and exciting!”

Aditi | 7 yrs old

“I enjoyed the things you taught me especially the food and popcorn!"

Wan Yi | 7 yrs old

“…attended Basic Manners & Children Modelling at Ace The Place. It was very good and I like it so much! I told my teachers and friends in school and everyone was so proud of me… I will always remember what I have learnt and will use it everyday!”

Owen | 5 yrs old

“…Ms Sherrine is a friendly person and made the lesson more fun and exciting. I wish to attend another lesson like this. Thank you very much. I will miss you!”

Siti | 12 yrs old

“I find this course very interesting and fun & the teacher who teaches is very fun. She will make jokes and she teaches us interesting lesson and make it sound very fun and hope that there is more of this kind of lesson…”

Mun Ling | 12 yrs old

“…You are a very good, funny and pretty teacher! I will always remember such a good teacher like you!”

Fithriyanni | 12 yrs old

“The class was very wonderful! You changed my future!”

Velu | 8 yrs old

“Thank you for teaching me! I love you! You are the best teacher! Now I know how to eat and set the table properly.”

Damien Chew | 10 yrs old